Dear Room 18 Students and Families,

Congratulations to all students in Room 18 for doing so well on the STAR test. Our class once again contained two students who scored a perfect 600 on the Math section of last year’s STAR test! Congratulations to you and everyone on working hard last year!

I am here in Bloomington, Indiana now. I started my Phd. classes at Indiana University this past Monday and I know all of you will start class tomorrow, Wednesday, September 1! Here’s to another great year!

Don’t forget to be kind to one another, ask for help whenever you don’t understand something, and always work hard! I hope that you will take with you all the skills and lessons you learned in Room 18 and put them into practice as you learn and grow this year!

I miss you all and think about you often!


Mr. C.


Homework: Thursday, May 27

by Matt on May 27, 2010

in Homework

  1. Complete in Math Packet weeks 13 – 15
  2. Write a summary of what has happened in Because of Winn Dixie, chapters 1-9.
  3. WRB’s for the roots presented today.


Homework: Wednesday, May 26

by Matt on May 26, 2010

in Homework

  1. In your math packet, complete weeks 9 – 12.
  2. On a piece of binder paper, write 10 things about yourself that you would want someone else to know about you. Use complete sentences.
  3. Create a Word Root Book for CISE = cut
  4. Read 30 minutes, math facts
  5. Be ready for NWEA first thing tomorrow morning


Homework: Tuesday, May 25

by Matt on May 25, 2010

in Homework

  1. In your math packet, complete weeks 5-8.
  2. Read 30 minutes, practice math facts
  3. Finish preparing your Word Root Presentations


Homework: Monday, May 24

by Matt on May 24, 2010

in Homework

  1. In math packet, weeks 1-4 must be complete by tomorrow
  2. You need to write me a letter about how YOU are going to behave appropriately for the rest of the year. How are YOU SPECIFICALLY going to help out the class?


Homework: Wednesday, May 19

by Matt on May 19, 2010

in Homework

  1. Complete one Word Root Book for each of the two word roots presented today. NEO = new; INTRA = within, inside
  2. Read, Math facts, HRL, etc.


Homework: Tuesday, May 18

by Matt on May 18, 2010

in Homework

  1. Create and complete one Word Root Book for each of the three word roots presented today
  2. Math facts, reading, etc.


Homework: Wednesday, May 12

by Matt on May 12, 2010

in Homework

  1. Give your parents the invitation to our class presentations. Ask them if you are able to attend and if you can bring some food/drinks.
  2. Home Reading Log
  3. Word Root Presentations


You Are Invited to Room 18’s Recycling Night!

When: Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where: Pioneer Cafeteria

Time: 5:45 – 7:30

What to Bring?: We are having a Potluck (like at Back-to-School Night), please bring some food and/drinks to share with others!

Who Can Come?: Everyone in your family

Why: Students in Room 18 have been learning about recycling, composting, and the 4 R’s this year. For the past two weeks, students have been working hard making presentations, websites, songs, books and more. Student’s will unveil their projects to the world this Thursday, May 13th!


Homework: Tuesday, May 11

by Matt on May 11, 2010

in Homework

  1. Read and be ready to recite from memory the poem, “Boy and Fish”
  2. Invite parents to our class 4 R’s night on Thursday, May 13. We will be having a potluck and watching our presentations on the 4 R’s. The evening will be from 5:45-7:30 pm. We will start eating at 5:45. Bring a note saying what your family will bring to the potluck.
  3. Home Reading Log, math facts, etc.